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Integrated Therapy Sessions

Geeta B Bhansali provides optimal wellness through an integrated approach.
She offers various Holistic modalities & therapies to provide support and
guidance on an emotional, intellectual, physical level. The aim is to clear away
emotional blocks and allow clients to express their true & whole selves.


All sessions operate in accordance with the following precepts:

  • Body has an innate capacity to heal

  • Optimal health is a state of balance and harmony in body, mind & soul

Healing is tailored to the client and change occurs on a deep emotional level.
Hence healing is lasting. The sessions are short term or long term depending on the client’s needs, with no obligations, just go at your own pace. Once you have the  tools, you take
responsibility for your own healing and growth.

The sessions are conducted in person or online.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

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