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About Geeta B Bhansali


Geeta – having gone through her journey and still moving on…has realised, that all is in the perfect order…it was meant to be…in her words...”I HAVE DISCOVERED ME & I LOVE BEING ME”.


She has been into the healing field for more than 20 years and is actively practising and teaching various therapeutic modalities, that range from being deeply meditative to freely expressive.

Geeta believes that every body has an innate ability to heal itself and hence provides holistic wellbeing through an integrated approach. Through her personalised teaching and integrated sessions, she promotes Optimal wellness, Holistic Health Care, Guidance, Emotional Support, Personal Growth, Empowerment.

Geeta B Bhansali, is a certified Heal your Life workshop Leader by Heart Inspired, USA, and also accredited as Heal your Life Coach and Teen Playshop facilitator.


She is also a certified Bowen Practitioner (dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy).

She has designed a Facilitation learning program – Seeds of Wellbeing (SOW) This program is packed with 60+  integrated therapeutic tools, techniques, activities, processes, related to mind and body.


She has attended
sessions/courses on:

  • Theta Healing

  •  Voice Movement Therapy

  •  Playback Theatre

  • Theatre of Oppressed

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Sanjeevani (Journey to wellbeing)

  • Practice of Antaranga Yoga

  • Yogasadhana

  • Arts Informed Ecotherapy

  • Inner work through Yoga

Through her personalized sessions and integrated approach, she promotes Optimal wellness, Holistic Health Care, Guidance, Counselling , Emotional Support, Personal Growth, Empowerment in Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Surat, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, London, Hong Kong, Dubai.

Some of her recent associations include working with:  

  • Visually impaired children of National Association of Blind-Goa and Surat

  • Hearing and speech impaired children

  • International school children & teachers (Fazlani L’Academie Globale)

  • Teachers of Educo

  • Special needs children (SETU)

  • Swasth Foundation – Swasth Yog  Institute (

  • Students of Entrepreneurship- VIIT Pune

  •  Atithi Griha Guest House in Auroville

  • Sharana - Social and Development Organisation in Pondicherry

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My Expertise

Geeta uses improv integrated therapeutic skills to facilitate clients to get onto the journey to help and find themselves. Each session leads to their self-discovery. Eventually, feeling whole and living freely becomes their motto and they fall in love with themselves.

My Approach

There is a beautiful story about a caterpillar that lived believing that it was seemingly enjoying its life. One day, driven by a strange longing, it decided to become still and silent. It hung from the branch of a tree, weaving a cocoon around itself. Inside the cocoon, although constrained and uncomfortable, it waited, sensing and aware. Its patience bore fruit, for when the cocoon burst open, it was no longer the lowly worm that went in, but a beautiful, resplendent, winged butterfly which dazzled the sky.

It soared and flew, free and unbounded. The caterpillar transformed into a being of lightness, magic, and beauty.

In the cocoon, the caterpillar became one with its ultimate nature. What happened in the cocoon can be described as METAMORPHOSIS.

The above story summarises her work!

Geeta facilitates this transformation through programs

and sessions.

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