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Heartfull Communication

Heartful communication helps us to connect with each other and our own selves in a way where we contribute to one another’s well being.

It helps us to clarify what we observe, what we feel, what are our values and needs are and what requests we can make to ourselves and to others.

We will no longer need to use the language of blame, judgment or domination. We can experience the deep pleasure of contributing to each other’s well-being.


Learn and practise Heartfull communication through 4 simple steps :

  1. Observation

  2. Feelings

  3. Needs

  4. Requests

The program is based on Nonviolent Communication. This program is highly interactive and will provide you with understanding & practical tools, and you will go home feeling joyful, free and empowered!

Through this workshop you will learn:

  • To build connection

  • To release blame

  • To release right and wrong (judgement)

  • To feel fully

  • To focus on feelings and needs

  • Build capacity to look as conflicts and disagreements as information

Upcoming Workshop:

16th Sept. 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 10pm to 5pm

Venue: Central Mumbai

To enquire more about this workshop:

Call +91 9820390102 I

Contribution: Rs. 3250/- (inclusive of tea and lunch)

Payment details: Google Pay to +91 9820390102  


Or Online Transfer

Geeta Bimal Bhansali Savings Account HDFC Bank.

Shapoorji pallonji bldg. Parel. Mumbai 400012

AC. No. 03571370001215 

IFSC Code.. HDFC0000357

Participants who have already attended, can choose to repeat this workshop.

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