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Importance of Wellbeing

in my words...

Wellbeing is our natural state of being. Any inner work, which is either therapy, healing or facilitation is only to bring harmony with your whole self and to restore this natural state .


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Integrated Therapy Sessions

Each session is unique in its own way and when we change on the inside, the outside world merely reflects that change.


There is so much love in your heart that you could heal the entire planet…for now, let’s begin with healing yourself!

Seeds of Wellbeing

A Facilitation learning program packed with 60+ integrated therapeutic tools, techniques, activities, processes, related to mind and body.

Geeta B Bhansali

Therapist & Facilitator

She has been into the healing field for more than 20 years and is actively practising and teaching various therapeutic modalities, that range from being deeply meditative to freely expressive.

Geeta believes that every body has an innate ability to heal itself and hence provides holistic wellbeing through an integrated approach.

Geeta – having gone through her journey and still moving on… has realised, that all is in the perfect order.. it was meant to her words..’I HAVE DISCOVERED ME & I LOVE BEING ME”.

“Life is to be lived”


Inspiring Client Stories

Geeta held my hand and led me on my path to success as a healer. She has a heart of gold, patient ears & strong shoulder. One finds solace by just hugging her. She is has positivity on her face,  warm heart & friendly nature...

A beautiful human being… my GURU

– Namrata Kapadia

I call Geeta aunty my angel...She’s the starting point of all the good things in my life.. from a highly depressed person, a failure in all the areas of my life, to achieving success in all the above areas, Geeta aunty has always been with me supporting and guiding me at every deepest gratitude to her for showering unconditional love.

– Niati Tanna

Geeta introduced me to this beautiful world of emotional healing..all your techniques specially release, relaxation and energising have helped me immensely to be happy. Geeta is the most genuine loving and caring human being I have met. she is my great friend and guide also. I am blessed to have her in my life!!!

– Dr. Reena Jogani

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